Reducing our Fashion Imprint!

Reducing our Fashion Imprint!

When was the last time you delved deep into the recesses of your wardrobe?

Was it yesterday, perhaps a couple of weeks ago, or does it seem like it was eons ago?  If you haven’t stalked your wardrobe recently, why not do it soon!  Dig deep into that wardrobe of yours; can you see any pieces that you haven’t worn in a while?

Try to be flexible and creative with your style and experiment with what’s currently in your wardrobe. Experiment with putting older pieces together with newer pieces, try mixing different prints, colours and styles that you hadn’t previously considered. Add accessories (scarfs, belts, jewellery), it will all make a difference.

Before you know it you will have found multiple “new” outfits to wear.

But if you don’t love every piece that sits patiently in your wardrobe, waiting for you to lovingly wear it again, consider upcycling your clothing to reflect your current style.

If you’re considering parting ways with your unloved pieces, could we please ask that you be responsible and mindful in how you part ways, and that your unloved pieces don’t end up in landfill.

There are so many worthwhile charitable or goodwill organisations to donate to, who need your unloved pieces. Consider a refuge or a homeless shelter.  Or for those pieces that have seen better days, donate to animal welfare organisations (they will use your unloved pieces as bedding to keep our furry friends warm in winter).  Or, have a clothes swap party with friends, hire a stall at a market. Remember one person’s past treasure is another’s new love.

Until next time, take care, stay safe and be happy. ♥