Style Chapter - Sustainable Fashion

Let’s Talk Social Conscious!

Most of us have a love of fashion and style, but at what cost? I’m not just referring to the financial cost, but the environmental impact we have sadly been a guilty player of in the fast fashion epidemic.

As a young child, I learnt through my parents to have a fundamental belief in sustainability (although it wasn’t referred to as sustainability back then!)

My father was an engineer, he was in tune with the land and mother nature, he loved building us cubby houses and go-carts, he started one of the first community gardens in the city we lived in and he recycled newspapers, cardboard and bottles and took them to our local scouting association so the group could make a few dollars from our recycling. At that time, there were no recycling centres, there were no options on how we could consciously dispose of our “waste”.

My mother was a homemaker, and an amazing woman at that. All our vegetables, fruit and herbs either came from the community garden our father established or from our own garden. Our mother was (and is) naturally artistic and creative, she made and baked everything from scratch, she painted, sewed, crocheted, knitted and a very talented home decorator.

Growing up with that mindset (and it wasn’t because we needed to), my parents had a profound social conscious that we all had to make a conscious decision and effort in how we lived.

Even with that mindset, I have to confess, I have been a guilty participant of the fast fashion market.

However, I am trying to make amends for my fashion past in discovering where our clothes are made, how they’re made, and are the people who make our clothes being treated ethically, morally and responsibly! Whilst I continue to seek the knowledge and truth of what lies behind our fashion, I will share what I’ve learnt and how we can become more conscientious in how we select our clothes and how we can help this amazing planet that we all live on, and let’s hope that we can in our own small way create a better future for generations to come.

Until next time, take care, stay safe and be happy! ♥