Style Chapter - Fashion Freedom

Let’s Talk Fashion Freedom!

Like many women, I love fashion and style, and I love it for so many reasons!

For some of us it’s about having the freedom to make our own choices. The freedom that we so often take for granted. When you actually stop and think about it, there is sadly so many women across the globe that don’t have the same luxury of freedom, for many different reasons!

Having the luxury of freedom opens up opportunities that enables us to make our own independent choices.

Having the freedom of choice allows us the unique liberty to create our own individual expression of ourselves, and we can do that by expressing ourselves in the way we dress.

It takes courage to be our own unique self’s. It takes courage to dress differently, and it takes courage to ignore the  ignorant stares and snide remarks of some individuals.

Without a doubt there are those who consider fashion to be pretentious, perhaps even mystifying and those who consider it frivolous.

What I have discovered over the years is to NEVER allow anyone to undermine your confidence or freedom in making choices for yourself. Never give anyone the freedom to make you feel bad about yourself.  Please don’t pay any credence to any negative or derogatory comments, and ignore the ignorant stares because you have the freedom to say..this is who I am!

Discovering your inner self, your own unique personality, your quirky character traits, your adventurous it all in the way you dress.

My message to you and everyone of you, is believe in yourself, you will know if it feels right for you. Be brave, be curious, be confident, be creative, be adventurous and be yourself, and please, never allow anyone to dampen your enthusiasm and creativity..because if you allow it to happen to you, then you are no longer you!

Until next time, take care, stay safe and be happy! ♥