Style Chapter - Entrepreneurs

Let’s talk Entrepreneurs!

Don’t we all love hearing or reading successful stories on budding entrepreneurs!  How they started, what inspired them, their vision and their goals.  The pitfalls they’ve encountered, and how they managed to climb out of those holes and the lessons they learnt from it.

I’ve personally read many articles, watched multiple documentaries and listened to podcasts on Entrepreneurs, and one thing that stands out to me is that every story relates to a young entrepreneur.

So this leads me to the question of why is it we only see entrepreneurs as being young?

Is there an age limit associated with being referred to as an entrepreneur? Are they 20 something, in their 30’s or can an entrepreneur emerge as a 40 year old (plus)?

In my opinion, an entrepreneur can evolve at any age.

Let’s look at what an entrepreneur really means! The official description is that an entrepreneur is someone who sets up a business (or businesses), who takes on a financial risk in the hope of making a profit! So really this basically means anyone who starts a business, starts a business either out of necessity or to make a profit (possibly both!)

All businesses start with some financial risk, therefore does this mean everyone in business is an entrepreneur?

For some of us it’s not about being an entrepreneur or seeking the could be as simple as believing in a cause, a way of life, having a social conscious and trying to make a difference, become better people and enrich the lives of others.

For others it could be they’re looking to get out of the “9-5” grind (does that actually exist…most likely its 12-14+ hour day’s)! Are they fed up working for unrealistic bosses who have no regard for their employees own welfare! Could it be someone who hasn’t had the confidence or opportunity to walk the path they’ve always dreamed of walking!

As for myself…that’s most of the above, but please don’t get me wrong, I have worked with some exceptionally amazing and inspirational people, all of whom, I hold in high regard.

In saying that, I’ve never considered myself to be an entrepreneur, but I hope to provide encouragement and inspiration to those who are considering a change in their career path, (as I have), or considering making their passion or hobby a career.

It’s not always an easy path to follow. It can be challenging and at times a kick in the gut to our confidence…but there are good times ahead for so many reasons.

My best advice would be to find a mentor and/or a business advisor (your local business centre can help you develop your business plan and concept), put steps into place to achieve the goals you hope to achieve (and remember one step at a time) and research…research…research so that you can continue to grow and build your business.

Surround yourself with inspirational and encouraging individuals and groups, believe in yourself, and as we grow our businesses, we also grow as human beings.

Remember to be kind to yourself and embrace change.

Until next time, take care, stay safe and be happy! ♥